Having established itself as a one-stop shopping and leisure landmark, Parc 66, is dedicated to providing the most exceptional customer experience and making every shopping journey an enjoyable one.


In order to assist you in your journey through the wealth of offerings at Parc 66, the following services are available at our L1 Customer Service Counter:

Shop Information Shop Information
Lost Persons Public Address Service Lost Persons Public Address Service
Gift Wrapping Service Gift Wrapping Service
Needle Pack Needle Pack
First Aid Kit First Aid Kit
Baby Carriage Lending Baby Carriage Lending
Umbrella Lending Umbrella Lending

Value-added Facilities

The following value-added facilities are designed to provide premier services at your finger tips:

Facilities Location
Nursery Nursery
Disabled Toilets Disabled Toilet
Digital Shopping Directory
Digital Shopping Directory
Car Park
Car Park (Close to 800 parking spaces)
Charging Station
Charging Station